Volkswagen in the German and Berlin

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In 1937, Volkswagen is founded at German automaker by the Labour front of German it commonly known as an iconic battle, and Wolfsburg is headquartered. The largest automaker for the sales worldwide of the group of  Volkswagen in 2016 and 2017. It has the biggest market in China. In China, it delivers 40 % of its profits and sales. In German, translate Volkswagen’s meanings is the people’s car. In the early period of the 1930s, there is a luxury car German used to involved in the nothing to afford than a motorcycle. There are 50 owned Germans car one and only. In the new market, they seeking potential in some of the car markers to independent began of the Volkswagen projects. In Volkswagen vw transporter sportline for sale are available.

There is no trend to Volkswagen as Bela Barenyl it may create in the basic design of conceived in the mid-1920s. there is a small and cheaper rear-engined car that is available in the olden days from 1925 to 1928. There is some popular car amongst German leaders in their little comfort in each of the revisions and their race cars. The manufacture of their trying years of the car is interested in a suitable car for their family members. In 1933, they invented the car and named the car is “volksauto”. They may many and several ideas of his own. They may have some facility with air-cooled in the rear engine and shape of a beetle. They are many projects that are founded in 1934 or early to this stage.

History of Volkswagen

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It involved became of Adolf Hitler by ordering their production of the basic vehicles of the transporting capable in the adults of two and children of three. Volkswagen is available in the citizens and germans leaders about the price of the motorcycle. There is apparent to become the private industry not to be turned in the car for only 990 RM. The ordinary Germans in the invention of the car in the scheme of savings. There is an unsound in the invention car in the entire project and the party of nazi making it possible for fund provides.  They appeared in the years of 1938 onwards and there is a shape of round distinctive of the rear-engine. There some programs include in the VW cars such as tours and outings. In Berlin, some new cars are established Deutsche Arbeit front it renamed as Volkswagen Werk. There is a new factory in the construction are started in 1938 May in one of the towns of berlin.

The factory workers in the purpose of the built had been the workers. They are produced in the factory by the time of the car started in 1939. If any holder delivered the completed books of saving the stamp book. There is some development in the car body of the prototype. There are some rigorous tests are done with car design and achieved millions of miles breaking the record to be tested before they deem finished. They use 15,000 slaves in their company would be admitted in 1998 during their effort. They estimate the work of the Volkswagen of the wartime to the labor slave. There are many slaves reported in the concentration camp to be supplied.