The perfect Google Sheets integration with reporting tool

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet application and is part of Google Drive. You can use it for any function you usually use on an Excel spreadsheet: tracking data, calculating expenses, creating reports, etc. Google Sheets is particularly effective when linked to other commonly used apps and tools, such as Asana, so you can get automated analyzes of your app data. You can now get the best Google Sheets integration with reporting tool there.

Why use Google Sheets and Asana integration?

Portfolio reports in Google Sheets extract data from Asana projects into your portfolio so you can create custom reports and previews. Asana Portfolios allow you to monitor the progress of your key initiatives. With the integration of Asana and Google Sheets, you can use data from your Asana portfolio to create custom reports (in the form of tables, graphs, scatter diagrams and more) directly in Google Sheets. Get information on the speed of the progress of initiatives and find out in particular who is doing their job the fastest within your team.

Google Sheets integration with reporting tool

What is Asana?

Asana allows teams to easily plan, organize and manage their work. It’s the easiest way to find out who does what, and when. Asana is a free, intuitive and powerful tool to manage your entire business and allow your teams to achieve better results.

Are you looking for a tool to visualize the performance of your web marketing campaigns simply and clearly? That’s good. I have one free and really practical to recommend to you. This is a Google Data Studio.

Launched in 2016, this tool allows you to create collaborative automated reports in a few clicks and view your KPIs. The results in saving time and user experience are really interesting. Google Data Studio is therefore very attractive for companies, agencies or even independent consultants. Personally, you can use it daily for almost three years to monitor the performance of my clients’ advertising campaigns and can only recommend this tool to you.

What is the Google Data Studio?

Google Data Studio is software offered by Google that allows you to create reports and easily update them. Customizable and collaborative, the reports thus created allow the visualization of data from multiple sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Spreadsheet. Google Data Studio helps professionals visualize their data in an elegant and relevant way.

A look at the report should make it possible to understand the most important information to be drawn from it, for example, the evolution of the traffic of a site during the last month or the profitability of an online advertising campaign. In addition, the visualization of the data allows a better analysis of these because they are processed and organized thanks to comparisons between periods for example.

Here’s what a report can look like through Google Data Studio it makes you want to take a closer look, right?

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  • The (big) strengths of Google Data Studio
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Getting started with Google Data Studio is quite easy because it is based on the principle of drag and drop. Just position the elements you want to add to the report (table, graph, etc.), connect the desired data source, and then choose the dimension and metric to display.