The bounding entity of a man‘s life and his duties over it


Family law is also called a domestic relationship or a matrimonial law. The Family law act was introduced in 1975. Family law is a law they can try to solve the problems in our family. They can do a lot of work to get together with our family. The only person to be the presence of mind is a solicitor or lawyer

The main ingredient involved in it!

There is 4 law that is most important in family law Divorce, child support, paternity, adoption. If applied in the court it will come in one week. Family law is going to the mate of state law. Family law it’s all about relationships, the two main relationships the marriage relationship and a child relationship

The durable time of the family law

In the family law, we can consider how the relationship started and then they can consider how much duration they can live together and the last but not least how the relationship breaks them.

  • Marriage relationship

How the marriage relationship is created? There are two types of marriages formal marriage and informal marriage or the informal marriage otherwise called a common-law marriage. In some states, it doesn’t create like that marriage and in the other status they can take

It is enacted by nature and not by law


The marriage doesn’t want to force buy parents or relationship or others. It must be the two-person join buy heart and soul. And then they can live together forever.

  • Divorce

Divorce has been also called dissolution of marriage. If they don’t like each other they can get a divorce. The court can give a lot of trail for that of it doesn’t work the can get a divorce. The divorce notice will reach the person in a week he/she want to sigh that. And then they can get a Divorce.

The main area of its coverage

It is nothing but legislation or a rule which handles the law of family and internal affairs of the family. And it is implied to make a healthy and active family relationship. There must a thing to hold them tightly and to make regulations on them.

Having an idea in regulations of family law

Family law is nothing but a legislative structure that builds an organized and ordered base to form an irresistible medium that will ultimately save the family in its operations. It is important to deal with the process of marriage and divorce crisis and it is targeting the family for good welfare. Thus it is an organized structure to give an orderly infrastructure.


The law house may do a process on family affairs and to avoid any illegal activities which are connected with the family and corrupting the society with its evilness. It helps the woman welfare and supporting them in their difficult times and helping them in an indirect manner.

Thus here we can have a conclusion by listening to the last words

India is a peculiar country with thousands and thousands of origin which has been dumped and it is becoming the reason for the function of India genuinely. Thus we live unity in diversity with different religions and different people but there is a law in which enforcement gives a balanced life all over the people of India and their prosperity and well being.