Vaping leads to death not to live

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Vaping is a cigarette material is used inhale and as well as exhale the tobacco which is made full of electronic devices which is made from the plant of nicotine which is also known as tobacco plant. The Nicotiana tabacum is an herbaceous plant that is annually growing plant it grows at a height of between one and two meters along.  Now we can see about the vaping liquids in New Zealand by e-juices by E-Liquids . It is based on the kingdom of plantae, they have four clades which is after the kingdom Plantae is tracheophytes, angiosperms, eudicots, asteroids. based on the order of solanales, based on the family of Solanaceae, based on the genus of nicotiana and finally, the species name is Nicotiana tobaccum. The Solanaceae. it is also called potato family and as well as a family of nightshade. These family of solanaceae mostly is of annual grown plants. The origin of tobacco in the geographic region is America

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There are around 67 species of nicotiana in the world, they are

  • Nicotaiana glauca – it is called shrub tobacco, mustard tree.
  • Nicotiana clevelandii – Cleveland’s tobacco is the common name of wild species
  • Nicotiana attenuata – it is also known as sweet tobacco, winged tobacco
  • Nicotiana africana – based on the family of is of natural habitats
  • Nicotiana acuminata – in English the common name of the plant is many flower tobacco
  • Nicotiana alata – coyote tobacco is the common name and 10centimetres long of leaf blades
  • Nicotiana benthamiana – it is based on wild tobacco and the tree tobacco is the common name
  • Nicotiana langsdorffii – grows up to a height of 1.5 metres and broad of 0.5 meters.
  • Nicotiana glutinosa – hybrids of tobacco which is too economical and also native to South America
  • Nicotiana occidentalis – it is native tobacco, herb native to Australia
  • Nicotiana longiflora – it is also called long flowered plant native to South America
  • Nicotiana obtusifolia – it is also called desert tobacco,it is native to South West United countries
  • Nicotiana otophora – herbaceous plant, native to the Bolivia  mountains
  • Nicotiana plumbaginifolia – it is known as Tax Mex plant of tobacco based on the genus of plumbago
  • Nicotiana quadrivalvis – it is known as Indian tobacco,the blades of the leaves are about 15 centimetres’ long
  • Nicotiana rustica – it is also called an ucuch as it is strong tobacco, it is also used for making pesticides
  • Nicotiana sylvestris – flowering plants, common names are flowering tobacco, South American tobacco.
  • Nicotiana tabaccum – mostly used for producing cigarettes, it is the product of tobacco
  • Nicotiana tomentosiformis – herbaceous plant, native to the valley region of Yungas
  • Nicotiana suave lens – tobacco of Australia, which grows to a height of 1.5 meters.


  • Better to use battery compared to use cigarettes
  • There is many flavor to use like mint, tobacco, coffee, whiskey etc.. can be filled and refilled
  • Used to show amount of liquids in the vaping bottles
  • Delivery of nicotine is good
  • Makes more attractive to use
  • Can know about the liquids mixed.


  • It is larger to use and as well as it is heavier
  • It leads to many diseases such as lung cancer, blood cancer, sarcoma, lymph cancer,
  • It is similar to smoking leads many and many more diseases in your body as well as inhaling persons
  • So the use of tobacco should be avoided.