Types of T-shirt Printing Machines

T-Shirts bedrucken

T-shirt printing is the most common method and it set its trend.  Printing clothes are very common, but many technologies are very introduced to make it further easier. T-Shirts bedrucken is a more profitable business these days.

T-Shirt Printing Machines:

According to the choice of garment and design.  The printing machines changes accordingly.

  1. Epson F2100
  2. Brother GTX
  3. Col-Desi
  4. Korhit Breeze
  5. MAR M-Link-x.

Epson FZ10:  It is 3’by 5’  this is more rectangular than GTX.  It highs over 1.5’.  and smaller It is a table-top design, not free-standing.  So, planning the space for it is important to space for it is easily used in both homes and businesses, Easily operated.  It price between $15,995-$17,995.

T-Shirts bedrucken

Brother GTX: It is at 4.5’ by 4.25’ GTX  has a boxier outlook and immediately gives an industrial cook.  The metal exterior. This is the table for or benchtop.  Custom stand also available limit.  A custom stand is necessary for consistent operation, with an open bottom design. It prices from $225,00.

Col-Desi: It is a dual-platen printer.  Two patterns are used to load a t-shirt instead of one.  It has a large footprint, 4’x3 it occupies a similar space as Brother, built is completely rectangle. It is a tabletop unit. This needs an extra-large area.  Comparing to GTX and F2100.  It price from $19,995.

Korhit Breeze:  This is the smallest and compact machine.  The 4’X5’ framework.  It is the only machine that has integrate pre-treatment. system. The overall footprint looks smaller.  It ranges between $62,00 to$ 65,000

MAR M-Link-X:  This is the only free-standing machine in the group.  The M-Line-X has the largest 4.5’X5.5’. This gives an industrial look, has a rugged steel frame, and is squared off-edging.  It does not suit a home-based business.  It helps in producing large quantities of stocks. It price between $70,995-$74,995.

What is digital t-shirt printing?

Digital printing is printing digital-based images, t-shirt, or fabric.  Digital printing completely differs from the traditional method. This method doesn’t need printing plates.  This is a quick method of printing and the quality is improved.  In this digitalized world, it is more needed.  It saves time and money. The flaw in it is quickly disappearing in nature. For digital printing, some inks are used. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black(CMYB). Are the common colors used?  In this type, only minimum quantities are printed.  Black and white are cheaply printed materials.  Many variable dates are printed.  It does not require much labor.  The fabric used in it or limited.  The print does not last long.  This has only limited font size and font.  As printers cannot retain data for a long time, it needs to be sent every time.  Elaborate layouts are unavailable.

How to Choose the right t-shirt printing service:

The first thing to look after is whether the company prints the t-shirt on its own or from our source.  The company should suggest the design.  If one expresses his desire for design, the company must guide him for the best design.  Track Record is important.  Some companies had a bad precedent.  The t-shirt printing includes the quality, design, and duration taken by the company to complete the order.  When selecting the company you should consult at least three services.  One should get details about the company’s service from previous customers.