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More than ten years after its appearance, vaping is becoming more and more talked about? Despite a still limited number of researches, there is a consensus among experts in the field to affirm that vaping is clearly less dangerous than traditional cigarettes. For products like nicotine salts nz you can now have the perfect options available.


If vaping has become commonplace, this noun still does not appear in some major local dictionaries Larousse, CNRTL, among others. The verb vapor, on the contrary, is found here and there. It means smoking an electronic cigarette. However, vaping is very different from smoking, even less an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, because there is no combustion, no smoke, no cigarette. The term Vaporetto is more apt to translate into Local the utensil which allows inhaling vapor. GREA will, therefore, use the term Vaporetto, or vape use, derived from vaping and vaping. This term allows better implantation in the language and also makes it possible to avoid any amalgam of a biased character with the smoked products.

nicotine salts nz


Like everything new or little documented, vaping is the victim of judgment and speculation. However, there is a scientific consensus that vaping is less dangerous than combustion. And this risk reduction instrument is struggling to find a real place in Swiss health policies.

Risk reduction

Lower risk consumption methods exist in Switzerland but are still too timidly promoted in view of the little harmful effects compared to traditional cigarettes. This is the main issue: having vaping recognized as a risk reduction tool in the context of a targeted training and awareness-raising policy supported by the public authorities.

Vaping is significantly less toxic than combustible cigarettes. Public Health England (PHE) stated in 2015, on the basis of 185 research scientists, that the vapotage reduces the damage of at least 95 % deal with cigarettes. Because there is no combustion with vaping, the latter has substantially reduced levels of carcinogens and toxins: no carbon monoxide or tar. The risks and damages on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are less with vaping. If the health consequences of burning cannabis alone are not clarified, we know that, when mixed with tobacco, the risks are the same as with combustible tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking and nicotine withdrawal

In the context of smoking cessation, few scientific studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of vaping; however, clinical trials and studies are concordant:  This is confirmed by the results of the 2014 INPES health barometer, which allows us to conclude that 0.9% of 15-75-year-olds, or around 400,000 people in this country, have managed to quit smoking, at least temporarily, thanks to the electronic cigarette. Vapors give several reasons:

  • The Vaporetto provides nicotine and it reproduces the gesture of the smoker.
  • It is more satisfactory than nicotine substitutes because the vaper can choose the dosage and the aromas in particular.
  • Its harmfulness is greatly reduced compared to cigarettes.

On the other hand, even if it is less so than cigarettes, the Vaporetto is addictive because of the presence of nicotine in liquids. The addictive power is linked to the speed of passage of nicotine in the blood. It is nevertheless a serious alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and that smokers adopt with a view to preserving their health by conserving their nicotine consumption.