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The owners of solar panels pay a prosumer price since as a producer, they inject the surplus of solar energy produced in the network. A household battery can greatly reduce this participation if you use it in combination with a bidirectional meter. This electric meter accurately measures the amount of energy you consume and that transmitted to the network. In this way, you do not pay a lump sum, which depends on the distributor and the power of your installation, but a very specific and lower amount. Expert in working on a capacity tariff in which the costs of using the distribution network are not only calculated on the basis of the kWh recorded, but also on the basis of the capacity of the installation. With the Power to Choose Texas you can find the best choices.

Each room in your home is equipped with energy-consuming equipment and devices. Whether it’s the oven you cook a lot of good things with, the washing machine that helps you swallow a mountain of laundry every week, or the fridge that gives you cool drinks. The following tips will no doubt make a difference.

General advice for all household appliances is to know their energy value. The energy label placed on electrical devices tells you it’s energy performance. Are you about to buy a new washing machine, TV or oven? Make the energy label the deciding factor in your purchase. Use your household appliances wisely. Do you have a two-hour meter? It is therefore interesting to program your dishwasher, for example, to operate during off-peak hours and at an advantageous price.

‘Less is more’, and this also applies to household appliances.

If your household is made up of two people, a refrigerator with a capacity of 500 liters will probably be too large. With the possible exception of the end of year celebrations, your refrigerator will never be optimally filled, but the consumption of these large appliances is significantly higher than that of the smaller formats. Better to buy appliances to suit your use.

To measure is to anticipate, and therefore to save energy. A smart meter gives you an overview of consumption and can also if connected to different appliances show the most energy-consuming. Is your heating consumption increasing abnormally? The smart meter warns you and you can act directly.

Power to Choose Texas

Do you cook on an electric hob?

Turn off your cooking zone in time. It will keep its temperature for a few minutes, enough to keep your preparations warm just as the heat of the oven that has been turned off will keep your dishes warm while serving. Most baking trays have plates of different sizes. Combine the appropriate formats, a small saucepan over a small fire, etc. You will lose electrical energy by using a large fireplace for a small pan.

Save energy like our grandmothers?

Do not look too far. Leave the lids on the pans while cooking. Do you like to keep an eye on what’s going on inside? Then opt for glass lids. You will know quickly when your dish is ready.

Are you going to cook pasta or potatoes? Do not use more water than necessary. The more water, the more energy you use. Your stove is not stable on the hob? It would be better to buy a new one. Good contact between the stove and the electric or induction hob is essential in order not to lose energy.