The enthusiasm for wildlife photography

saen higgins

Wildlife photography is an enthusiastic work, who loved their passion for his work. The real personality of wildlife photography has as the creation of own ideas and date to accept the difficult capture of the image in the forest areas. In wildlife, photograph professionals have some merits and demerits in their work.

saen higgins

saen higgins is coming smartness of photographer. He just 20 years old, really we want to appreciate his professional lifestyle photography. He completed a bachelor of photography degree at Royal Melbourne Institute of technology in the year of 2014. At a small age, be became a model, good photography and creative direction. He loved dance videography and fashion.

Merits of wildlife  photograph

  • A wildlife photographer has new experiences and makes themselves relaxed.
  • It may publish their photographs in the article and magazine etc.
  • Photographer easily mingled with nature.
  • He may be attached with animal’s behavior
  • It may create a good humanism between animals and birds.
  • They have flexible hours to spend time with nature and birds.
  • Every photographer might be share experience and huge precious moments with their friends and family.
  • He can earn with own production of life and he does not depend on anyone.
  • All the discovery channels are waiting for their photographs to published their channels.
  • Surely, every wildlife photographer has learned how animals survive in the forest.

Demerits of wildlife photography

  • Wildlife photography takes its own risk because some dangerous animals are lived in the forest. He must aware of those dangerous animals.
  • Sometimes, wildlife photographer pays the amount to the private lands for taking capture of birds and animals.
  • In the night time, photography is difficult to take the animals. It is not a clear object and he does not comfort himself with a furious moment.
  • Maybe he struggles for water and foods in that forest area.

Best Indian wildlife photographer

  • Rathika Ramasamy
  • Arati Kumar Rao
  • Kalyan Varma
  • Tapan Sheth
  • Sandesh Kaur
  • Nisha purushothanam
  • Jayanth Sharma
  • Shaaz Jung
  • Shivang Mehta
  • Sudhir Shivaram

Rathika Ramasamy is the first Indian women wildlife photographer. She completed an MBA a degree. Arati Kumar Rao is an enthusiastic photographer and she is interested in environment writer. She has written an article about Everyday climate change and everyday extinction. Kalyan Varma completed mechanical engineering but his passion is a good photographer, naturalist, and filmmaker. Kalyan was the founder of Indian Nature watch and co-founder of nature In focus. He has done by projects with discovery channel. Tapan Sheth was the developer of own software company but his passion is photography at the bottom of the heart. He captured the Asian lions of Gir. He was awarded of nature ‘s best photography Asian in the year of 2016. Sandesh Kadur is an artful photographer and naturalist. He was an award-winning documentary filmmaker and photojournalist. Nisha purushothanam was entered into the field of photography. She is an active speaker and sportive woman. She got may many awards and published some magazines and articles.