The Different Versions of SEO Affiliate Domination

SEO Affiliate Domination

By clicking on SERP you can see exactly which sites are positioned for that particular keyword. Without going into detail, in order to understand the breathability of the various sites, here is a summary of the things you need to take into account to understand the power of your opponents. In the case of SEO Affiliate Domination this is important.

SEO Affiliate Domination

The analysis of the typology of positioned sites: Example:

  • Do sites have a high domain authority (DA) but don’t they belong to your reference niche? Well, you can take their place with the necessary SEO optimizations.
  • Do sites have low domain authority but do they belong to your niche? Well, you can take their place with the necessary SEO optimizations and adding backlinks.
  • Do sites have a high domain authority and do they belong to your niche? Not really good. You can position yourself below them or, if you want to beat them, you will have to use advanced strategies and reverse on all the means you have available.
  • Do sites have low domain authority and don’t they belong to your niche? Bingo. You can aspire to the first position.

The verification of the monetization of the keyword:

After realizing the potential of my money keyword we went in search of the sites that could offer the Bitcoin purchase service, giving me a commission for each user we presented to him. In the case of Bitcoin, and in general of the financial sectors, it is very simple to find affiliate programs.

In case we found two sites: an exchange that paid me $ 10 for each user who bought at least $ 100 of Bitcoin and a trading site that paid well € 300 for each active user who would have invested at least $ 200. We chose the first exchange to do the step by step guide and put as an alternative to invest in the trading platform in Bitcoin.

The writing of the article:

The final stage is the drafting of the article. It can be a guide or a review. Password: offering quality value, effectively solving the visitor’s problem or need.

In case, with the keyword “buy bitcoins”, we, therefore, had to create a guide with all the steps necessary to buy bitcoins, in which we listed the best exchanges and all the steps to buying bitcoins both with one and with the other site.

What if we hadn’t been able to buy Bitcoin to create the guide? Simple: we would have learned. we would have taken the screenshots during the purchase process and repeated the steps in my guide. As previously mentioned, skills can be acquired.

The wait:

Posted the article, we had to wait for the classic period in which Google realizes the actual value of my guide. With the help of some guest posts to obtain quality backlinks, we oscillated in the top 5 for the target keyword, positions that were already able to generate quite passive monthly revenue. It’s all with a single money keyword. Now, we just had to hit the other money keywords to add up the passive income that we would have obtained. Let’s move on to another case study, starting from a niche based on one’s passions, rather than on-trend.