Smart Woolen Clothes As Per the Expectation

wool clothing

The basic wardrobe is selected for all occasions. Before purchasing clothes, weigh the pros and cons, think about whether a child really needs a thing, whether it is functional and of high quality, with which it can combine it. The use of wool clothing comes important here. Helpful tips on choosing clothes for children will help you not to be mistaken:

Note to parents: You can create a festive outfit by successfully combining shades: for example, purple and gray, beige and brown. Popular colors for girls are pink, lilac, and red, for boys green, gray, and brown, blue.

Natural fabric: Choose cotton, linen, and wool, silk. Clothing made from natural fabric is durable, soft, body-friendly, hygroscopic, breathable, and hygienic.

Nice and matching colors: The more things in the wardrobe are combined in color, the easier it is to combine them and the more images you get from the same set of units. Do not choose too bright flashy outfits or, conversely, dull and dull, of the same color. Strive for harmony and teach this to children.

High-quality cut and tailoring: Check the seams for discomfort. Pay attention to the quality of the line, accessories, is it comfortable for the child in these clothes, are there any distortions in the cut and other errors.

wool clothing

Pick clothes according to size. Do not buy for growth. Try not to be mistaken. Or select the desired size according to the parameters of the child, using the size chart.


Do not wear trousers where there are arrows and clearly protruding lines. The best solution here is a chino style. At the expense of jeans, the opinions of experienced stylists differ. The color of the clothes should be in harmony with the tone of the jacket, blazer and belt. The dark palette of colors will add additional solidity to the image. Light colors are suitable for youth.


Shorts in hot weather are an excellent choice. Casual style for men is not compatible with beach models, where there is a free cut. The best solution is a short version of chinos. It is not necessary that stripes and other decorative elements be present on the shorts.

The classic casual style is popular with many people. The main elements for men are:

  • One-tone shirt white or blue. The top button is better to unfasten.
  • Blue blazer. A universal part must be in the wardrobe.
  • Beige chinos.
  • Chocolate-colored shoes and a narrow belt of a similar tone.

No less popular is the image of free Friday. This option is close to the office dress code. The option consists of dark jeans indigo is preferable. A white shirt with a dark jacket will perfectly emphasize your elegance. Important highlights, in this case, are suede deserts.

For the holidays in the kindergarten, the girl will need an elegant dress and shoes, the boy will need a shirt, vest, jacket, trousers, and shoes. For winter, choose thick knitted or fluffy wool hats with fur lining, for the demi-season from knitwear and fleece. If the child is active and fast, buy a hat with ties it will not slip.

What clothes do you need for school?

Regardless of whether the school has a dress code or not, clothes for her are distinguished by convenience, functionality, laconic style and color restraint. Stylish accessories will complement the image: ties for girls and boys, butterflies for boys, neckerchiefs, scarves, scarves, removable collars. Of the jewelry, girls can wear small earrings, cloves, a discreet little ring, a beautiful hair clip.