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hydroponics by Herbal House

The kind of irrigation can generate problems such as the formation of algae in the substrate but these can be easily removed if we put pieces of black plastic around the plant, so that the algae cannot receive the essential light for their development. For the hydroponics by Herbal House this is important.

Underground irrigation

For this type of irrigation we require to place both a deep plate under the bag or use a hydroponic gutter and perforate each culture bag at a suitable height so that the water from the plate or gutter can enter the bag, and by capillarity, the substrate will always be wet.

This system is ideal to avoid the daily watering of plants. The problem is that algae or insects can be generated in the dish unless it is black in color like the hydroponic gutter. In the event of algae formation, the dish or the gutter must be frequently washed with chlorine to eliminate them or cover your container with black plastic to prevent its spread. You must also oxygenate said water either with an air pump or by moving it.

hydroponics by Herbal House

Automated Irrigation

The most widely used method at a commercial level is drip irrigation, where we basically propel the nutrient solution with a water pump through an irrigation tape that already has integrated drippers at the height of our plants, which will drop drops of nutritive solution frequently in our crop.

The nutrient Solution recovery system

After each watering, something very natural is that there is a waste of nutritive solution that is going to filter through our perforated bags; however, an accessory called a hydroponic gutter can be used to recover this surplus and reuse it for subsequent irrigation, which generates significant savings in hydroponic crops of any size. If you want to know how to install a nutrient recovery system you can with the help of the hydroponic gutter.

Care and maintenance of my hydroponic system

To keep our growing on the substrate in good condition, we must pay special attention to the control of fungi and insects, if you want to know more about it.

It is also necessary to take care that our crop is not exceeded in salts due to the constant irrigation of nutrient solution. This can be easily solved, in the specific case of the hydroponic cultivation technique on the substrate, just by watering once every month or every fifteen days, with abundant water to clean the salt sediments that have remained on our substrate. So we can have good control of the electroconductivity.

The implementation of a soilless cultivation system must always be preceded by some evaluations, so that the financial decision meets your aspirations and needs, as in any future business. Basically we must mainly consider two aspects: the commercial and the technical. The former varies greatly from region to region with all its cultural, social and climatic characteristics. The second practically based on the climatic characteristic and the specific knowledge acquired by the producer.

Market analysis

In order to determine the consumer market and the demand for the product, it is essential to do research work at possible points of sale: supermarkets, markets, restaurants, etc. Conversing with these possible clients we can determine delivery locations, prices, deadlines, delivery frequency, quantity, types and varieties of vegetables, among others.