Indispensable topics when planning digital content

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In this content, you will know about how to make perfect digital content planning. If you are considering the idea of ​​producing content but are wondering how to plan it, stay connected. To create your plan you will need to consider:

  • Goal
  • Persona
  • Purchase Journey
  • CTA
  • Distribution

Goal: What do you want?

What are the goals with digital content that you and your business intend to achieve? You need to know why you will deliver this content. What moves you to produce it? By setting and analyzing your priorities, you can set goals. The plagiarism detector will also support you to a great extent. The organization is a good ally. You should establish a calendar of actions, outlining what to post, how and where to post. But this is just the first step: It is very important to understand content marketing in a broadway. Come on?

Persona: who do you want or need to relate to?

Nobody makes sure that content is not accessed, read, viewed or absorbed by anyone, right? Knowing who to talk to is critical. Knowing your audience is of utmost importance. This is how you will know what to say, when, how, and on which channels you can spread the content which developed in this way becomes much more interesting.

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When you know your persona, talk to her. And what does that mean? You need to feel or acknowledge your pains in order to offer sure solutions. It’s much easier and more efficient to understand what your audience needs and wants to consume than to simply produce the kind of content you simply think is ideal. Having this answer shortens the path and speeds up the communication process.

Shopping Day: Lead the Way.

A good tip for choosing topics and how to approach content in a way that is relevant to your audience is to identify them through the buying journey steps. Following each step, you produce specific content according to the design that is revealed in your persona’s shopping funnel. Identify the stage she is in and focus on helping her move to the next level. So you can walk together until the time of sale. One way to understand what your audience needs at each stage of the shopping journey is by directing questions to each stage.

With the answers, you will be able to learn from consumer habits to topics of general interest to your audience. They are also a good way to find out which channels your persona uses to inform them. You may also receive valuable information about how your persona came to you. What made you research about a particular topic that put you in touch with your business? These answers will help you figure out which keywords your keyword used. How about you ask what is the problem or need for your persona? What steps did she take to identify them? And what did you do next to reach the solution? These answers will guide you to produce content that can recognize and address these needs.

But your research can go much further and reveal other important information for your perfect digital content production: you can ask your customer to tell you about the shopping experience. Gathering the relevant information for each step, it will be possible to assemble a kind of manual that can be consulted for every new content produced.