Choosing the Smartest Details for the Right Reporting Tool for Facebook Ads

Reporting tool for Facebook ads

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to display the performance of your advertisements. Do not hesitate to follow your campaigns in real-time. The goal is to know if your ads are catching the right people and if the performance is consistent with your goals. If necessary, you can modify your Facebook Ads along the way to obtain the best possible ROI. To help you build a solid advertising campaign on Facebook, you will find in this post practices to follow so that your ads arouse interest among Internet users, whether on a computer, mobile or tablet. With the Reporting tool for Facebook ads this is important.

Think “long term”

Creating a set of interaction targeting ads is good. Transforming this initial commitment into something more tangible for your business is better. By using the Facebook pixel, you can create a refined audience, based on the profile of visitors to your pages. You will be able to better target your future announcements. In addition, the Facebook pixel makes it possible to implement very relevant campaigns such as retargeting. Finally, you can better track conversions on your website.

Facebook has become in recent years an essential platform to generate traffic, leads and sales through paid advertising, in the same way as the very famous Google AdWords. In addition to the proper configuration of your campaign, it is the content of your Facebook ad that will make all the difference in the eyes of the internet user and that will push him to make the famous conversion visit, buy, subscribe, register, download you are looking for.

Set a specific goal with Facebook

Choosing a lens for your advertising is essential: it is the element that will determine the style and format that you will choose later. This can consist of improving its notoriety with the general public, increasing its affluence in-store or that they contact you to have an appointment. What do you want your advertising to accomplish for your business?

Use high definition images

The creation of attractive advertisements is not linked to the fact that you are an excellent photographer. Pay attention to the size and quality of the files you are going to use, which vary depending on the platform on which you show your ads. Read the Facebook advertising guide for the company’s recommendations on this subject.

Be creative.

Reporting tool for Facebook ads

Constantly test the rendering of formats and images before posting an ad on Facebook by generating a preview in your Facebook ad manager. The Facebook Creative Hub is also very useful for creating models, receiving comments and finding inspiration among thousands of other advertisers.

The less text, the better

The text should not be taken lightly since too large a text can reduce the number of people to whom your advertisement is broadcast. Choose an image with the simplest possible text. Some tips:

  • Try reducing the font size.
  • Your text should be in the text box rather than directly on the image.
  • Do not distribute the text over the entire image.

One message at a time

One of your priorities must be that your photos stand out in the news feed of people, at a time when content saturation is maximum makes sure that the user stops scrolling his screen. If you want to run multiple ads in a single campaign (for example when launching a clothing collection), the carousel format is ideal.