Are Dual Play Slot Machines Worth Playing?

Engineers are trying constantly to bring out something new in front of slot machine loves which can impress them. Some of the impressive developments and advancements that have been done in recent years are cluster pays, Megaways, and synced reels. It doesn’t matter how many advanced features are introduced, one feature will always remain constant and that is a single set of reels.

Be it a three reels game or six reels, all the slot machines follow the same gaming pattern and that is winning from spinning wheels. Many different types of slots have come in the market and amongst them, there is a rare version of dual play slots. This one is completely different than what most of us are used to. If you have no idea what those are then don’t worry as we got your back. Today we are going to discuss more dual play slot machines.

What Are Dual Reel Slot Machines?

First of all, let’s talk about looks, these machines look very different from the conventional slot machines or the ones which are pretty famous. These have reels (obviously) but the total number of them is just 2. Those reels are either side by side or one on top of another. You have to press the spin button and doing so, the reels will start to spin. You can expect to have more prizes as a result.

Almost every time the duel reels are symmetrical to each other. Let’s take an example of Age of Asgard and Da Vinci Diamond Dual Play. You can find two sets of 5×3 reels in both the machines. But is not the case with every dual-slot machine as some of them have asymmetrical sets too. For example, WMS’ KISS slot game has a 5×3 and 5×12 set. In this case, the play can be more interesting because the player can make different types of payout combinations on the two asymmetrical sets of reels.

Advantages of Dual Play Slot Machines

People who are truly in love with slot machines might hesitate a little bit when they will be asked to play this version of the slot machine. But the following reasons for playing dual slots machines are convincing enough to make anyone play this game.

More Action Per Spin

There are many other variations out there that have something special which attracts the users and this one follows the same trend of having something unique. This is the only variation of the slot machine where you can actually see only two reels spinning. It will also give a feel that you are playing two slot machines at the same time.

Different From Majority of Slots

As we already told you that almost every slot has one set of reels. Dual play is different, in fact, we would like to call it unique. Playing those same types of slots can be boring and if you want to experience something new and fresh then this one slot machine is for you.

Possibility for Great Features

When it comes to features and extra advantages, the gambling world has never stepped back. There are so many features one can get in the gambling industry. But they all are not the same. Every feature is different and unique and the features that you will get from dual slots will be something never or rarely seen. The features of dual slots can not be found in any other ordinary slot machine game. Let us take an example of Age of Asgard.

In this game, the hero is put in the top reel whereas the monster is in the bottom reel. The time hero and monster expanding wilds are against each other, they start a fight. During the fight, random wild symbols are released. Another case can be taken from KISS where you can towering symbols on the 5×12 grid. It can cover seven spaces in a reel. But these were just a few examples as there are many more interesting features that you can see only in dual slot machines.

More Big Wins

In ordinary slot machines, only one set of reels will bring the result. But when it comes to dual play machines, things are a bit different as this game gives you two different chances of hitting a big win. Not just double chances but double the amount of chances to net large prizes, you will be winning a lot more than usual. With the double opportunity of hitting a jackpot, who would want to miss this game?

These were some of the things that you should know about double slot games.

Slot games are one of the finest and most loved gambling games. With more than a million people, this game has never stopped surprising. If you are thinking why you should play this game other than these above-mentioned reasons then we have one more reason and that is for your growth. Gambling is a world that is forever evolving and if you will not try to learn something new then you will be lacking behind and forget about something good happening to you. Make sure to try something new. Not just a game but any things be, it is a new gambling strategy. By learning something new you are increasing the chances to find the game which would be the luckiest one for you and lets us not forget that gambling is about having good luck.

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